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Snowmobile Season is here! 

Like most Mainers, we are serious about snowmobiling.  We asked a registered Maine Guide how they prepare and how we can optimize our next ride.

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Maine Snowmobiling Guide


Mt. Katahdin

Be sure your next trip includes some quality time with Mt. Katahdin. The Great Mountain, surrounded by 200,000 acres of Baxter State Park, offers a knapsack full of great outdoor activities!
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Pheasant Hunting

No need to wait for “bird season." 7 days a week, most any time of year! As a Guest of Camp Katahdin, a commercially zoned corporate entity, you don’t even require a license!
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Denney lodge

Who said “roughing it” couldn’t still be comfortable – even luxurious? Apparently, it was someone who hadn’t yet seen and experienced Denney Lodge at Camp Katahdin in Patten, Maine.
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Group Adventures

While Denney Lodge at Camp Katahdin is all about comfort, our favorite activities are full of adventure! Your group will be thrilled with our guided hunts, trail rides, hikes, shooting, and much more.
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If only the great Maine outdoors experience could be comfortable. 

Really, really comfortable. While not sacrificing the thrills of the great outdoors. These are the things I can do without:


  • uphill portages
  • undissolved Tang & Kool-aid
  • dehydrated scrambled eggs
  • night trips to the bathroom that require boots and a flashlight

Enter: Camp Katahdin Adventures

Close your eyes, open your mind and imagine: hunting, fishing and most any outdoor adventure you’ve dreamed of – not just something “better," but Top. Of. The. Line. You have earned it both in and out of the office. 


Camp Katahdin Adventures offers you the thrill of the outdoors and more:

  • State-of-the-art corporate retreat with luxury lodge, board room, & more.
  • Hunting, fishing and most any outdoor adventure you’ve dreamed of

  • Pheasant hunts: locally raised & released pheasants, guides & dogs on site!

  • Excellent base camp for summiting Mt. Katahdin

  • ATV, Snowmobiling, mountain biking, hiking & other trail adventures



You've earned it!  

Grab some of your best buds, or best team, or best clients and show them the outdoors like they’re never seen it. Make your reservations to enjoy a Maine adventure in the luxury of the Denney Lodge at Camp Katahdin.

Contact us for rates and all-inclusive package options:

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A Private Locatation

Near the charming town of Patten, Maine, enjoy a private and luxurious stay in our new lodge, located in the middle of a tamed wilderness. 


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