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ATV in Northern Maine

Getting around has never been more fun!

Thinking about an ATV Vacation?

At Camp Katahdin there are limitless trails and destination for your recreational vehicles.

When you are staying at Camp Katahdin, you can leave the lodge and do anything and go anwhere on an ATV. From seeing nature and beautiful views to riding into town to have breakfast, lunch, even a cocktail, or pick up your groceries.

At Camp Katahdin, the local trails include beautiful places such as Hasting Falls. To enjoy the beautiful panoramic views and the falls, you will want to allow a solid six hours.  It's a nice day trip.  There are many shorter trips as well.

We have TWO unique places to stay. The new Denney Lodge and the updated Wendell Farm. Read more about both here:

1. Denney Lodge 


Denney Lodge is our new, luxury hunting lodge that sleeps 15. Top-of-the-line evrything and comfortable. See pics, details, prices and dates by clicking here:

Denney Lodge  Dates and Rates

 2. The Crossroad Escape

The Crossroad Escape at Camp katahdin

Our Katahdin area Cabin for rent in Patten, Maine escape is a 2 story, remodeled cabin, on 10 acres with it's own natural water. This upgraded cabin adjoins our 450 acres of Camp Katahdin Adventures land.  Which means guests can hunt our pheasant without a license, 7 days a week, add on a session at our private shooting range, rent ATVs, guides, shooting instructors, and more. Knotty pine interior, apple trees, fields, ATV trail access, ITS snowmobile access, a true escape in the amazing Katahdin area of Northern Maine.

Crossroad Escape Dates & Rates




Shorter rides can look like this: leave the lodge and go down the road a bit, which is an ATV riding access road into the trail system, go up a beautiful bridge by the Patten ATV Club, and crest the top of the hill. There, you will see beautiful panoramic views of Mount Chase, Mount Katahdin. Of course, stop for a photo op.


Then you can continue across and stop at a gas station for a fuel stop, if needed. Cross through some other beautiful fields with panoramic views.

Then, you can try out our infamous Killer Hill. Our guides will be happy to help you with this one.  It's what dream ATV Vacations are made of.


You'll see some more trails with some beautiful bridges. One very large trestle bridge that's built across one of the local streams. Beautiful, beautiful spot. Up behind the town, right up through the center of town, to stop at Greg's Clam Shack for ice cream for everybody. Then continued back another direction. You can get back to Denney Lodge a different way than you came.

That's just one example what you can do. You can do short rides, or you can go and accomplish some things like just get a meal or an ice cream, or you can do longer rides to go see nature at its best in Northern Maine.

We have 3 Polaris rangers that come with and all inclusive stay (our ATVs and group pictured below at our shooting pavillion).




To see more pics, view our calendar, read reviews, and more, click here:

Denney Lodge  Dates and Rates



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