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What I Learned from my Defensive Shooting Course

Chris Lee

Tap, rack, and shooting from the hip – what I learned from my defensive shooting course.

My wife’s uncle is an ex-FBI firearms instructor. He and some colleagues teach an intensive self-defense course that I couldn’t help but sign up the first opportunity I had to take it. While I learned a ton from the course, I thought I’d share a couple of the lessons I still practice pretty regularly.

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Maine Deer Hunting Tips

Chris Lee

The gear is packed. The gun is cleaned and shooting straight. It’s time to head out in pursuit of America’s favorite big game animal – the whitetail deer. Here are a few Maine Deer Hunting tips that may make deer hunting just a bit more successful.

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Best for Hunting: The Only Guns You'll Ever Need

Brian Wilson

Best for Hunting

This short list does not include “The Only Guns You’ll Ever Want”!  With hunting season upon us, here is one of the shortest list you’ll ever see:  Best for Hunting: The Only Guns You Will Ever Need.

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