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Fall Guide to the Katahdin Area in Northern Maine

Natalie Roberts

Explore the Beauty of Katahdin this Fall

We think the Mt. Katahdin area is quite possibly the best place in all of the northeast to experience mother nature's breathtaking display of changing fall colors. Because of our climate and elevation, guests can drive within minutes north and south and find leaves from late September all the way through the end of October. We also think that the town of Patten in Northern Maine is the ideal basecamp to explore both mother nature and a quaint little town with Rockwellian appeal.

The colors are turning and there are a number of amazing fall activities and events to choose from. Read on below for our top fall picks...
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Climbing Katahdin: The Greatest Mountain and Me

Brian Wilson

When my cousin, Carl, twice my age, hatched the idea of going to Maine, specifically Baxter State Park, specifically with the idea of cilmbing Katahdin, I started packing! At age 13, facing a boring summer of farm chores and little else, what would you expect? With only a modicum of difficulty, we wrangled permission from The Folks and began making preparations.

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