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Maine Gun Range: What’s in Your Bag?

Chris Lee

Pictured: Camp Katahdin visitors taking advantage of our private shooting range.

If you’re going to spend some time on the Maine gun range, you want to make sure you have all the gear you need.

Aside from the guns and ammo you’ll be shooting, you might also want to pack a couple socks, a tablecloth, a Tupperware dish, and some markers.


Stay with me…you’ll see what I mean.

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Maine Shooting Range: 7 Tips for Breaking More Clays

Natalie Roberts


Pictured: guests at Camp Katahdin's private shooting range in Patten, Maine


The clay birds launch, zipping away at an angle like a disk shaped quail fleeing for its life. You swing and fire and the bird glides away unscathed. Again.


As simple as it looks, busting clays with any regularity is not a simple task. So the next time you find yourself at the Maine shooting range, follow these tips to improve your scores and make your buddies regret betting against you.

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Hunting Lodge, Corporate Retreat, Sport Shooting: The Camp Katahdin Story

Natalie Roberts


 The original 1983 family hunting lodge and the current day luxury hunting retreat.

Our good friend and hunting enthusiast, Brian Wilson, sat down with Camp Katahdin's Nate Humprey for a quick chat about how the Camp Katahdin family created the current day Camp Katahdin Adventures. Here is Hunting Lodge, Corporate Retreat, Sport Shooting: The Camp Katahdin Story:

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